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Do I need a wedding Planner?!?

Well the answer I should use is “of course, everyone needs a planner!”  But the truth of the matter is, not everyone needs a Full Service Planner!  There are many brides that love planning all the details of the day and are really very good at it. 

So who hires planners?  Many, many people – but here are a few of the biggest groups:

– people that work long hours and have little time for planning

– people that live long distance and want a little help planning the most important day of their lives

– people that just really have very little experience planning parties and events

While I do think that hiring a Full Service Wedding Planner is wonderful, I truly believe that in the very least, having someone to help you on the Day of the wedding, is just plain essential!  Hiring a Day of Wedding Coordinator can save you so much stress….it is a day of details and timing, and it is much more relaxing to know you have someone that is looking out for your details while you just simply enjoy the moment.

One Response to “Do I need a wedding Planner?!?”

  1. Brian Morris says:

    As a wedding professional I completely agree that at the very least a Day Of Coordinator is essential. The wedding day is crazy enough for the bride and groom without have to field a hundred questions and worry about all the details. And sometimes having an aunt “step in and help” only makes things worse. Having a professional to take care of every detail will make the difference between enjoying your wedding day or remembering it as the most stressful day of your life.