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Archive for June, 2009

Davene and Andrew – June 20, 2009

I started working with Davene and Andrew many, many months ago – actually about 18 months ago I believe!  They started out desiring a very artistic, fun wedding for themselves and their guests!  Through the months, the wedding evolved and changed many times but through all the changes, their visions stayed firm. 

The wedding day started with a private, intimate wedding ceremony in Boardman, Ohio.  The quaint “little church” was straight out of a magazine.  It reminded me of the church in Little House on the Prarie – one of my older sisters favorite shows growing up. 

Davene’s daughter, Sydney, is 7 years old now and she brought the entire church to tears as she placed her hand on her mommy’s hands during the final prayer.  Her big smile throughout the ceremony was perfect!

After the ceremony, the bride and groom had a laid back afternoon of visiting with friend and lots of pictures.  Having a very early ceremony allowed for an afternoon of creative photographs.  Genevieve and James Nisly were the photographers for Davene and Andrew and they are truly one of the very best!  They are creative, laid back, and just fantastic photographers.  All of the photo’s in today’s blog are photo’s from Genevieve Nisly Photography

Later in the day, guests gathered at Glenmoor Country Club for an upbeat, exciting wedding reception.  Glenmoor’s staff was fantastic, as usual.  The UpEnsemble Trio entertained guests during a cocktail reception.  Later in the evening, Bill Bowens with Jerry Bruno Entertainment took over the DJ position. 

The decor for the evening was sophisticated, modern and very much the vision that the Bride and Groom carried throughout the planning stages.  Flowers were designed by Neil Leeson and he is so creative and one of my absolute favorite people!  The centerpiece of the room was an exagerrated vase of calla lillies – so large that it could not even fit under one of the chandeliers as it was originally planned. 

One of my favorite components that was chosen is the mirrored cake table.  The cake was placed on top of a 60″ round mirror – what a photo it made! 

I wish Davene and Andrew all the happiness in the world – and Sydney…you were the hit of the day!

Enjoy the pictures – and if you would like to see more – visit Genevieve Nisly Photography’s Blog!

A very happy flowergirl!

A very happy flowergirl!

The Sweetest Little Church

The Sweetest Little Church

My favorite photo!

My favorite photo!

Showing Davene the room for the first time - best part of the day for me!

Showing Davene the room for the first time - best part of the day for me!


Wedding Posts

Eventually, I would love to go back and post about many of my past weddings!  It is hard to believe that I have been coordinating events for almost 10 years and have owned my own wedding planning business for 5!  Time truly flies.

I am going to eventually go back and blog about a lot of my past weddings – the gallery on my site has pictures from a lot of the weddings….but I would love to blog about interesting facts and such.  I will get to this in the months to follow! 

This summer I will blog about many of my weddings immediately after the weddings – or at least as soon as I have great pictures to share!  Some photographers will send me photos immediately – and I will blog these weddings quickly.  Others I may have to wait a bit of time!

My “Baby!”

One of the best things about my “Job” (can I really call this a job when I love it so much?!) is that I truly become friends with my “clients!”  After spending countless hours with my brides, watching them experience one of the most magical moments in their lives, we genuinely become friends.  Emails, holiday cards, dinners and baby showers aplenty….and I love it!   I love hearing from “my brides” and knowing how they are!  I love getting updates and I think they do too. 

So for my friends – my “baby” Katie turned 2 today!  How can it be that she is 2 already?!?!  We had an Elmo Birthday party with all the trimmings, and a visit from Elmo himself…what more could a little girl want!  She was thrilled and was the first one to run to him and jump in his arms!  Priceless!img_2913