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Other Coordinators

Now you may be curious why I would post on my blog about another coordinator….I am not worried about competition, never have been.  I was the person at bridal shows that would go up to other coordinators and instead of posing as a bride to steal their information, I would introduce myself….ask them to go to lunch and form a friendship.  I can’t do every wedding… fact, I am not a coordinator that wants to take on even dozens of weddings a year.  I take on several great clients each year, produce fantastic events for them and make sure that they feel as if THEY are the ONLY bride that I am working with. 

So yes, I become friends and recommend other coordinators.  One of my dear friends, Emilie Duncan, moved to Columbus a few years back.  When she lived here, we worked weddings together and learned from each other….I miss her but know she is very happy in Columbus with her business.

This past spring, I had the pleasure of becoming friends with a relatively new coordinator to our area, but NOT new to the business, Brandi Hammerstone of All Events Planned.  Brandi and I have little girls (2 year olds!) so we have a lot in common!  We now plan playdates and I even had Brandi help me at a wedding in August that was just incredible (I cannot share pictures at the request of the family).   And then she graciously coordinated my sister’s wedding as well in October!

Brandi is not afraid of competition either….and I think she thinks pretty highly of me and my business.  She recently did an interview of me for her blog….. her it is:  Brandi’s Blog!

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