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Wedding Planning Contest – Vote if you like!

So in Cleveland, we have a YEARLY contest with Fox 8 for the best in our area – they have pizza places, bars, and wedding professionals.  I won the contest in 2007, came in top 5 in 2008 and am on the list again this year.  I have not solicited ONE vote this year and it shows, I am sure I am in last place!  I really don’t believe the contest truly tells you anything other than being a bit of a “popularity contest”…..but the competitive nature of my personality thought I should at least put it on my blog for anyone that wants to have the link to vote!  So feel free to vote…I will say, the comments that people leave for me are quite nice….I look at them on a bad day and realize why I love my job so much!

Wedding Posts

Eventually, I would love to go back and post about many of my past weddings!  It is hard to believe that I have been coordinating events for almost 10 years and have owned my own wedding planning business for 5!  Time truly flies.

I am going to eventually go back and blog about a lot of my past weddings – the gallery on my site has pictures from a lot of the weddings….but I would love to blog about interesting facts and such.  I will get to this in the months to follow! 

This summer I will blog about many of my weddings immediately after the weddings – or at least as soon as I have great pictures to share!  Some photographers will send me photos immediately – and I will blog these weddings quickly.  Others I may have to wait a bit of time!