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Archive for April, 2009

Robert and Diana!


What a treat to help friends plan the day of their dreams!  A little Background:  I first met Bob years ago when he was my husband’s boss.  Bob lived in New Jersey and would travel here frequently for work.  About 3 years ago, he moved to Canton, Ohio and although my husband had moved on to another company by then, we remained in touch.  Bob had a girlfriend, who also lived in New Jersey…Diana!  Diana is a bundle of energy and a wealth of knowledge.  We became fast friends!  Diana moved to Canton and the wedding planning began!

Bob and Diana wanted a small, intimate wedding for their IMMEDIATE Family only!  So that is exactly what they got!  The guestlist consisted of their children and dates, and a few very close family members – 15 people in all!  We planned an intimate wedding ceremony in their living room, followed by a wine tasting cocktail hour. 

The guests then moved into a completely transformed family room for a six course meal prepared by Chef Joe Pileggi.  On the menu was a shrimp Amuse, a ravioli Appetizer, Insalata Caprese, Intermezzo Sorbet, chicken and filet entree, and of course wedding cake! 

After dinner, the party continued with a casino night! 

Everyone had a wonderful time and most importantly, Bob and Diana radiated with happiness! 

Because Bob and Diana were friends of mine, I offered to do some things that I normally don’t get my hands into – flower arrangement and photography!  I had a great time taking pictures for them…but I have a whole new respect for the photographers that I hire…that is pressure!  I think I captured some good shots though…here are a couple!

Diana and her daughter Eliza...must get those eyelashes dry!


Cake in the dining room, surrounded by Italian pastries

Martini Glasses...for sorbet!




The Knot Best of Weddings 2008/2009

I love what I do….and I think it shows….

I am proud to announce that my company, Always Eventful, Inc., has been rated by local brides and voted The Knot Best of Weddings 2008/2009 Pick. Please pick up a copy of The Knot Best of Weddings 2009 magazine and check out all the listings!

I received this award in 2007 and 2008….so I am very proud to be placed among the finest again in 2009!  



My Wedding


Today is my 8th Wedding Anniversary!  April 21, 2001!

At the time, I was planning events in Northeast Ohio, but not specifically weddings.  I loved weddings, as I already posted previously, so planning my own was a dream.  Of course, if I had to do it again, I would make a lot of changes – especially since I am a wedding coordinator now!  I don’t necessarily think that I would change anything at the actual ceremony – I believed then and still do now, that the ceremony is the most important part of the day.  I loved my wedding ceremony:

– wonderful homily from my high school principal, Father Nuzzi

– unbelievable flowers – it was the Saturday after Easter so I had the advantage of having all of the Easter Flowers and we didn’t spend a penny!  I highly encourage brides to pick that weekend each year!

– a choir – yes, I had the entire choir at my church, St. Joseph’s in Canton, sing.  They were phenomenal!

The reception was nice, but I would change a lot if I did it again – number one thing I would add, Lighting!  What a difference lighting makes!

Anyway, Happy Anniversary Rich…thank you for encouraging me to pursue my passion and for supporting me in my dreams!

How it all began!

So, I have a blog!  I have been urged to start a blog for quite some time now…and it sounded like fun….but what in the world would I write about…and more importantly, who in the world would read it!  But after much prodding, here it is!

I plan on writing about all things EVENTFUL….since that is what I love.  So I will write about my weddings and events, information and tips about events, and I will occasionally just write about “events” of my life. 

For my first blog, I think I will tell you how it all began – my planning weddings that is.  It probably started when I was about 7 years old!  I would attend family weddings and take along a journal – and I would proceed to write things about the wedding that I loved, things that I didn’t love, save the programs, etc…  My sisters thought I was crazy, but here I am today!  After graduating with a teaching degree and giving teaching the good ole try, I realized planning events was were my true love was.  So after doing two unpaid internships with the Cleveland Lumberjacks and the Akron Aeros, I landed a job at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in their events department.  I moved to Glenmoor Country Club as their wedding coordinator in 2003 and started my own business at the end of 2004!  The rest as they say….!

I love what I do, I hope it shows!

New Blog

This is the new Always Eventful blog. We will be posting photos from events as well as tips for your wedding planning. Be sure to check back often.